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University of Sulaimani
Kurdology Center

About Us

    Uos Kurdology

    The Vision

    The Kurdology Center envisions making Kurds and Kurdistan the focal point of academic endeavors and research, while also promoting interdisciplinary research in this field. To achieve this vision, the center is committed to uniting local and international experts, encouraging diverse perspectives on issues, crises, and problems that arise both within Kurdistan and beyond. Furthermore, the center deems the establishment of regional and international cooperation and partnerships with scientists and academics as imperative for advancing research across various Kurdish fields.

    Uos Kurdology

    The Mission

    • Developing scientific research in fields related to Kurdish and humanitarian studies.
    • Collecting, organizing, preserving, and making archival materials about Kurds and Kurdistan available.
    • Organizing and hosting international conferences and seminars to bring together local and foreign experts.
    • Encouraging and supporting authors, researchers, and experts in publishing their literary and scientific works.
    • Introducing Kurds and Kurdistan to the global community through research, translation, and various artistic and scientific endeavors.
    • Working towards the development of a standardized language.
    • Fostering cultural exchange at the local, regional, and international levels by establishing relationships and cooperation with counterpart centers and institutions in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq, as well as countries in the region and around the world.
    Uos Kurdology

    A Brief History

    Kurdology Centre is also active in organizing regular seminar series, workshops and international conferences to bring local and international experts and diverse perspectives to the Kurdish community and beyond. The Centre also publishes a peer-reviewed academic journal Kurdology, which is a multi-disciplinary publication dedicated to the scholarly study of all aspects of Kurdish Studies. Kurdology seeks to place Kurds and Kurdistan as its central focus of academic research and to encourage interdisciplinary studies in this regard.