Conference Recommendations

These conclusions and recommendations were agreed upon by members of the organizing committee and participants at the international conference “Anfal and Other Atrocities Committed Against Kurds: Internationalisation, Recognition, Compensation.”  (Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region - Iraq, 29 April 2017).


1.     Urge relevant parties to exert more effort to internationalise the case of Anfal and other similar atrocities.

2.     Recognize the need to prevent further genocidal acts to be committed against the Kurds again.   

3.     Recognize the need to make a greater effort to overcome the legal barriers, particularly those related to        the Iraqi laws, that prevent the case of Anfal and others from progressing.

4.     Recommend that greater efforts be made to ensure that the various cases of violence against Kurdish          women, including the atrocities recently committed against Yazidi women by ISIS, are recognized locally        and internationally. Moreover, feminist organizations must be informed about these cases.

5.     Recognize the need to secure international recognition of the genocidal acts committed against the                Kurds, given that this will serve as a key factor in the prevention of genocide.

6.     Strongly recognize the need to provide a fair compensation, both financially and morally, for the victims          and survivors and punish those responsible.

7.     Recognize the need to establish special museums and monuments to promote the acts of genocide.

8.     Recognize the need to put pressure on the Iraqi Government to sign the Rome Statute so that the case        of Anfal and other massacres committed against the Kurds can gain international recognition.

9.     If the Iraqi Government does not abide by its legal commitment to compensate the victims of Anfal and          other acts of genocide, it is recommended that the Kurdistan Parliament passes a law allowing the                establishment of special tribunals to force the Iraqi Government to compensate the victims.

10.  Reiterate the recommendations submitted at the First International Conference on Genocide organized         by Kurdology Centre:

-         It is recommended that teaching about the case of Anfal and other atrocities committed against the            Kurds be part of the national curriculum in the Kurdistan Region.

-         Urge universities in the Kurdistan Region to attribute significance to postgraduate research projects          dealing with the case of Anfal and other acts of Genocide.

-         Recognize the need to open independent research centres for genocide studies at the universities in        the Kurdistan Region. Moreover, the Kurdistan Region Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific              Research to review the rights and duties of the university lectures devoting themselves to work on            research. 

11. Urge relevant authorities in the Kurdistan Region to establish a strong relationship with the International         Association of Genocide Scholars (IAGS) and try to host one of its annual international conferences in          the Kurdistan Region given the important role this association has played in introducing the acts of                genocide to the outside world.

12.  Urge the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to force the Iraqi Government to compensate the                 victims of Anfal and other atrocities committed against the Kurds in Iraq as the Iraqi Special Tribunal, the       presidency, and the Iraqi parliament have already recognized Anfal as an act of Genocide.

13.   Recognize the need to use the cases of genocide committed against the Kurds in Iraq as a legal,                  humanitarian, and political cause to establish an independent Kurdish state.

14. Strongly recognize the need to form a special commission in the Kurdistan Region similar to the Truth            and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) assembled in South Africa after the abolition of apartheid in 1994.