International Conference

International Conference on Genocide and Massacres of the Middle Eastern Nations

Kurdology Centre, University of Sulaimani

Date: 29-30 April 2015

Location: School of Basic Education Building, University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region- IRAQ

In the past 100 years many genocides have taken place and the extreme sufferings experienced by the Kurdish, Armenian, Jewish and Assyrian peoples have caused unforgettable grief within human memory. However, it is evident that a lesson in preventing such devastating events like the Kurdish genocide from happening again was not learnt. An obvious example of this can be seen through the recent atrocities of the terrorist group ISIS and their genocide of the Yazidi. population in the Kurdistan region of Iraq


Kurdology Centre is thus pleased to organise this international conference under the motto "Recognising the Truth is Key to Peaceful Co-existence among Nations", to be held on 29-30 April 2015, at the University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. Scholars and experts from Kurdistan and abroad will present papers, presentations, stories and galleries which address Kurdish genocide and other nations'/religions' genocide/massacre, including the recent genocidal persecution of Yazidis by ISIS, from a wide range of historical, political, legal, and cultural perspectives

The Conference will specifically focus on 3 aspects/themes: (1) the massacres of 19th and early 20th centuries; (2) Anfal and Kurdish genocide under Saddam Hussein's reign; (3) massacre and the act of genocide against Yazidis

Conference Program

 Day 1, 29 April 2015:


10:00-12:00       Conference Opening  Ceremony

 Art Exhibitions by Dr. Osman Kader Ahmed (Kurdology Centre, Kurdistan Region), “Documenting the Kurdish Genocide –Anfal (1988) - Through Drawing” Shorsh Hamasaleh (graduate of Prince's School of Traditional Arts- London), “The Broken Knife”, Balen Zangana (postgraduate student at Kadir Has University, Turkey), “Documenting Mass Graves through Photography”, Dr. Naeema Muhammed (School of Fine Arts, University of Sulaimani), “Ceramic Art Project on Mass Graves”

Welcome Speech by Assistant Professor Aram Ali Mustafa (Kurdology Centre, Kurdistan Region)

Statements of a number of official authorities, including Kurdistan Parliament, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs and other relevant NGOs.

A documentary on Anfal, produced by Muhammed Rauf Abdul-Azeez - KNN Channel.

An Exclusive Talk by Professor Noam Chomsky (Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA)

Anfal as a Melody- Pieces of Music led by Ako Azeez (University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region)

14:00- 18:00     Panel 1: The Massacres of 19th
and Early 20th Centuries

Assistant Professor Yasin Khalid Sardashty &

Dr. Amanj Hassan (University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region), “The Impact of the WW I on the Kurds and the Christian Minorities: the Case of the Assyrians.”

Vera Yakoubian (Executive Director of the Armenian National Committee in the Middle East, Lebanon), “The History of the Armenian Genocide.”

Mehmet EmÎn Aktar (Human Rights Association (IHD), Turkey), “Massacre in the Aftermath of the Sheikh Said Rebellion.”

Assistant Professor SelÎm Temo (Mardin Artuklu University, Turkey), “The Declaration of the Republic of Turkey: The Zilan Massacre.”

Assistant Professor Naif Bezwan (Mardin Artuklu University, Turkey), “Explaining the Mass Killings in Dersim.”

Dr. Zeynep Türkyılmaz (Dartmouth College, USA), “From Kurdified mothers to the Mountain flowers: Republic’s Gendered Solution to the Dersim Question (1937-1957).”

Dr. Carol Kidron (The Institute for Holocaust Research, University of Haifa, Israel), “The Holocaust as Cosmopolitan Universal Model for Genocide Commemoration: The Emergence of a Global Language of Suffering or Failed Translations of Local Cultural Experience?” [via Video Conference]

Day 2, 30 April 2015:


09:00- 13:00

Panel 2: Anfal and the Kurdish Genocide under Saddam Hussein's Reign

  Dr. Maria    Six-Hohenbalken (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria), " Memoryscapes in Multiple Modernities: Remembering Crimes against Humanity in Kurdish Societies.”

Sozan Salih Karim (Salahaddin University, Kurdistan Region), “The Massacre and Forced Displacement of the Faili Kurds.”

Assistant Professor Yasin Kareem Amin (Hawler Medical University, Kurdistan Region), “Forensic Investigation of Barzanian Mass Grave Skeletal Remains in Busaya Desert-Samawa- Iraq.”

Dr. Osman Kader Ahmed (Kurdology Centre, Kurdistan Region), “Documenting the Kurdish Genocide –Anfal (1988) - Through Drawing.”

Fazil Moradi (Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Germany), “The Force of Writing in Genocide: On Sexual Violence in the Anfal Operations and beyond.”

Assad Jabari (Journalist, Kurdistan Region), “Anfal in the Baath Media Outlets.”

14:00- 18:00

Panel 3: The Massacre and an Act of Genocide against Yazidis

Dr. Anthony Billingsley (University of New South Wales, Australia), “The Kurdish Genocide and International Law.” [via Video Conference]

Professor Marif Omer Gul (Centre for Law and IR Studies, Kurdology Centre, Kurdistan Region), ‘International Law and the Yazidi Genocide.”

Evar Ibrahim (MP, Human Rights Committee, Kurdistan Parliament), “The State of the Yazidi Women in Kurdistan Region.”

Ari Harseen (MP, Peshmarga Committee, Kurdistan Parliament), “The Case of Recognising the Yazidi Gencocide.”

Dr. Choman Hardi (The American University of Iraq-Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region), “The Psychological State of Genocide-surviving Women.”

Professor Alex Hinton (Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights, Rutgers University, USA), “UN and the Prevention of Genocide.” [via Video Conference]

18:00- 20:00      Closing Remarks & Conference Dinner


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رۆژی دووەمی کۆنفرانس.

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چاوپێکەوتنی بەرێز پ.ی.د.ئارام علی مصطفی ب.پێشووی مەڵبەندی کوردۆلۆجی لە کەنالی ئاسمانی کوردسات تایبەت بە کۆنفرانسینێودەوڵەتیى جینۆساید و کۆمەڵکوژیى گەلانى رۆژهەڵاتى ناوەڕاست.

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چاوپێکەوتنی بەرێز پ.ی.د.ئارام علی مصطفی ب. پێشووی مەڵبەندی کوردۆلۆجی لە کەنالی ئاسمانی KNN  تایبەت   بە کۆنفرانسی نێودەوڵەتیى جینۆساید و کۆمەڵکوژیى گەلانى رۆژهەڵاتى ناوەڕاست.

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بەرنامەی سێرە لە کەناڵی ئاسمانی گەلی کوردستان  بەرنامەکە تایبەت کرابوو بە (کۆنفرانسی نێودەوڵەتیى جینۆساید و کۆمەڵکوژیى گەلانى رۆژهەڵاتى ناوەڕاست )  پەخشی ڕاستەو خۆ .

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ڕیپۆرتاژ  لەسەر  کۆنفرانسى نێودەوڵەتیى جینۆساید و کۆمەڵکوژیى گەلانى رۆژهەڵاتى ناوەڕاست لە لایەن
کەناڵی ئاسمانی گەلی کوردستان.

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