Sara H. Kader

     HR Manager     


     Telephone+964-53-320-3093; Extension: 150

     She was born in the city of Halabja (now the center district of Halabja Governorate) in 1974, the year in which the city was bombarded by the Iraqi air force after

     the collapse of the March 11th 1970 between the Kurdish liberation movement and the Iraqi government. After the bombardment, her family left the         city of Halabja and moved to the city of Slemani in Slemani Governorate. She completed her education from primary school to the Preparatory

     school of Commerce, class of (2004-2005) in Slemani.

     In 1999, she became a public service employee in the Public Grain Company where she was auditing the distribution of wheat to the domestic mills          to produce flour for the Public Company of Producing Flour , the responsible agency for distributing flour to the licensed retailers by the Ministry of      Trade as part of the food distribution system established by the Iraqi government after 1995.

     In 2009, her service was transferred to the Kurdology Centre where she is now at the personnel department.

     She is passionate for achieving her goal to become an accountant. Therefor she has a plan to complete her study and apply for the Department of Accounting at the University         of Human Development