Samira Mustafa Khdhir

        Researcher in Sociology


         Telephone: +964-53-320-3093; Extension: 
           Mrs.Smira Mustafa Khdhir is an assistant lecturer who joined Kurdology Centre in October, 2018 coming from the Department of Sociology, College of                          Humanities, University of Sulaimani. She was born in Erbil on July1st, 1972. She successfully finished all her education years from primary school to 
        university in Erbil where she was awarded a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the College of Literatures, Department of                                  Sociology,University of Salahaddin,class of (1995-1996).

        Two years after her graduation, she went back to her college as an assistant researcher to serve in the college’s different departments. In           1999 she transferred her service to University of Suleimani, College of Humanities where she worked in different departments until her                  enrolment in the academic year of

       (2004-2005) to get a Master’s degree in sociology. Upon her fulfilment of the all the academic and research requirements of her study, she          was awarded a Master’s degree in Sociology in the academic year of (2007-2008).

       Since 2008, she has been lecturing as an assistant lecturer in the departments of Sociology and Social Wrk until she was transferred to               Kurdology Centre.