Mr. Rezhin Jalal Muhammed

Public Relations Assistant 


Telephone: +964-53-320-3093; Extension: 142

 born in  Chwarbakh neighborhood located in the southern part of the city of Slemani, the cultural capital of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. I have
been living in Slemani since I was born. I completed my education in the city starting from the primary school and ending at the
University of Slemani,
College of (Fine Arts), Department of Ceramics in (2010).
My graduation research project consisted of three pieces (wall clay ceramic, composition and a large vase).
Following my graduation, I returned to my college on 2010 as an assistant researcher after being employed by the government in the College of Fine Arts. After serving at the college for more than three years,
I transferred my service to the Kurdology Center on October, 2014 where I am currently serving as a member of the Department of Media and Relation’s staff.

I am known to be a cooperative person serving at the center as I have been able to support most of the center’s departments or units in facilitating their works by solving their problems and guiding new employees.