Nazira Majeed Ali

         Senior Translator


         Telephone: +964-53-320-3093; Extension: 142

Born in Kirkuk, Mrs. Nazira Ali joined the Kurdology Centre / Translation unit on November, 2019 coming from the presidency of Polytechnic University where she was working as
a translator from October, 2018 to September, 2019. She finished her primary education at Kirkuk city’s (Aseery) primary school and her intermediate education at Khanzad intermediate school
for girls located in the Kurdish populated neighborhood of Rahimawa. At the beginning of her high school study she went with her family to the Iraqi capital city and governorate of Baghdad
where she graduated from College of Art/Translation department at Al-Mustansiriya University in 1989. In 1990, she joined her first job as a teacher of English language at the
Vocational High School / Department of Electronics to lecturer in the mechanical department in the city of Sulaimani in accordance with the governmental employment terms
and conditions which require from newly recruited public school teachers to start their services outside their cities or governorates of residency. The following year
she returned back to Baghdad because her family lived there even though she was from Kirkuk because of the March of 1991 uprising of the Kurdish people in
Kurdistan. In 1999 she joined Ministry of Education and became a teacher of English language at Baxtiyare secondary school in Sulaimani where she worked
for four years. Then she joined Ministry of Relation &Cooperation in 2003 and continued to work there as a translator until 2007.later she moved to the Ministry
of Tourism.  From June, 2007 to 2011 she worked at the private owned Lafarge Cement Company
in different posts and position as follows:


         Administration manager and Kurdish, Arabic and English translator for the General Director of the United Cement Company-Lafarge from 16-6-2007 – 2008.

        Community Development Manager in Lafarge Cement Company, 2008- 2009.

       Both community development manager and communication manager in Lafarge Head office from 2009-2011.

    For her excellent performance in all the positions she was held, Mrs. Nazira was awarded the following awards and certifications:

      5 awards from Lafarge Cement Company for safety activities.

      Certificate of “Meet the Group”, Lafarge University, Paris, France, Feb 2011.

      Certificate in Managerial Skills - Lafarge.

      E-Learning certificate as an active contributor to the using of E-Learning program.


  In 2012, following her return to the public service, she became Communication Manager at Ministry of Tourism for a year. Then she moved to Ministry of Culture and worked there

for 3 years and established a cultural center called (Kurdistan Armitazh).  Later she moved to Ministry of Higher Education and

scientific research, and then she joined one of the Humanitarian organizations (Acted organization partnership with UNHCR) where she worked from March, 27th 2016 to September,

30th, 2018 as Communication and advocacy officer.