Jamil A. Abdul Karim


         Email: jamil.abdulkarim@univsul.edu.iq

         Telephone+964-53-320-3093; Extension:142

Jamil Ali Abdulkarim is an Assistant Lecturer who joined Kurdology Center in November, 2017 coming from the Department of Economics, College of Administration

and Economics at the University of Slemani. His Master’s Degree research thesis (2008) focused on the role of Foreign Direct Investments in the developing economies.


As a university lecturer he has good collaboration with international scholars and fellows of the Institute for Regional and International Studies (IRIS) as well as the American University in Iraq / Slemani (AUIS) through participating in interviews, round-table discussions and conferences to provide insights about current political, financial and socioeconomic reality of Kurdistan Region of Iraq. In addition to sharing information and facilitating individual and focus group interviews with other prominent experts and academics currently serving in the Higher Education and Scientific Research institutions.

He lectured courses on Economics, Media, Business Administration, Banking and Finance and Accounting  in public and private universities as well as technical institutes.  Before his admission to the postgraduate study in 2005, he was working in TV journalism between 1998-2012 as a news editor, producer, reporter, interpreter and an editorial staff in Kurdsat Broadcasting Corporation based in his home town. His professional work over the years involved live coverage of political and military events which Iraq as a whole and Kurdistan Region in particular witnessed in the past especially during the Operation Iraqi Freedom from March, 2003 and onward.


 Beside his commitments in the field of academia, he is better known for being among the most prominent translators and interpreters in Kurdistan Region

 with 15 years of experience as a translator and interpreter working in media coverage, training courses and workshops on human rights, advocacy, transparency, monitoring, preventing torture, GBV, detainees' rights, capacity building for police and security officers, judges and civil society organizations.


He had academic exchange trip to USA as a Fulbright Visiting Scholar (2011) and stayed for more than two years in the UK for a PhD candidacy. He also visited Jordan (2008) as a news editor representing his media institution in the conference of endorsing the Iraqi Media Code of Conducts.