Dr. Peshawa A. Muhammed 


         Email: [email protected]

         Telephone: +964-53-320-3093; Extension: 134


Dr. Peshawa A. Muhammed works as director of  Kurdology Centre, University of Sulaimani.  
Dr. Muhammed took his MA at the University of Leeds in Strategic Studies and his PhD at Keele University in Politics and IR. His research focuses on U.S. perspectives on secessionist
movements, with a particular interest in U.S. approach to Kurdish independence from Iraq. He is also, more generally, interested in U.S. foreign policy towards Iraq and the wider Middle East.
Dr. Muhammed’s first career was in print journalism. He has so far published over 100 articles on current dilemmas and future directions of Iraq in general and the Kurdish region in particular. Some of these articles were based on exclusive interviews with internationally renowned academics, scholars and policy makers around the world, including: Noam Chomsky, Richard Perle, Daniel Pipes, and Ralph Pettman.
Dr. Muhammed has appeared regularly as a guest commentator on Middle Eastern and Kurdish current affairs for various TV channels including Kurdsat News, KNN, Gali Kurdistan, Kurdsat, Rudaw, and other local and international newspapers including Awene, Kurdistani Nwe, The Sydney Morning Herald.
Having presented papers in international conferences and workshops, Dr. Muhammed is also an associate member of the Journal of Global Faultlines, a peer-reviewed, open-access, academic journal issued by Keele University, UK.