Dara Jamal Ghafoor



         Telephone: +964-53-320-3093; Extension:

        Mr.Dara Jamal Ghafoor who was born in (1970) in Dublin, Ireland is an assistant lecturer currently working as one of Kurdology Centre’s academic staff in the

        He joined the Centre in November, 2018 coming from the College of Basic Education, Department of Social Sciences, University of                      Sulaimani. research department.

       He was five years old when his family returned back to Iraq and lived in different Iraqi cities, namely Al-Kut in Wasit province and Baghdad           where he finished all his education years from primary school to university.

       He was awarded a Bachelor’s degree from College of Education, University of Baghdad class of (1994-1995). In 2004 he was awarded a             Master’s degree from the same college. Four years later he was employed as an assistant lecturer in the College of Basic Education,                   Department of Social Sciences, University of Sulaimani where he continued to lecture until he was transferred to Kurdology Centre