Mr. Abdullah Tahir Barzinji

  Head of Publishing and Translation       


 Telephone+964-53-320-3093; Extension133

He was born in 1957. He graduated from the College of Literature, Arabic Department in the University of Slemani (1980-1981). He is a well-known Kurdish critic, 

translator, poet and novelist.

In 1992 he issued Project -(Prozha) Journal for reviews and critiques.

He is a cultural advisor for several magazines and journals among them is the Journal of (The Iraqi House of Poetry) in Baghdad , Shano-Theatre

Magazine and Slemani Nwe - New Slemani.

He serves as the editor in chief for both the Arabic and Kurdish editions of the Galawezhi New Journal.

He has 28 books published in both Kurdish and Arabic languages as well as publishing tens of critique articles.

Currently he serves as a senior advisor to the Kurdology Center for review and evaluation of published works.