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Kurdology Centre


Dr. Osman Kader Ahmed


Expert Artist




Telephone: +964-53-320-3093; Extension: 140


Dr. Osman Ahmed is an Expert Artist at Kurdology Centre for Kurdish Studies, University of Sulaimani.

Dr. Ahmed graduated from the Institute of Art in Sulaimani-Iraq (1985), earned his MA in Drawing from Camberwell School of Arts in London (2007) and his PhD from London University of Arts (2013), with an unprecedented PhD project (Documenting the Kurdish Genocide (Anfal 1988) through Drawing). The thesis wholly investigates artist’s responses to crimes against humanity, and records through 355 detailed drawings testimonies/memories of 15 Anfal survivors as well as investigating the Kurds.


Dr. Ahmed has participated, as a member of panel and guest speaker, in many conferences and seminars on Anfal and Genocide, and has also exhibited his artworks on the al-Anfal over the years in the Middle East and Europe, including a three-month exhibition of his artworks entitled the Displaced, in summer 2008, at London Imperial War Museum, Turner Project in 2006, organized by Professor Stephen Farthing:, Karsi Sanat Gallery in Istanbul: Restrictions of the Earth. 6 February, 2016, Istanbul International Art Fair 7-15-2015, the exhibition ‘Restrictions of the Earth’ at Hinterland Gallery Vienna, Austria May 18, 2016,