About us

Kurdology Centre  

Kurdology Centre was founded in 1996 at the University of Sulaimani, as an academic

research centre aiming to develop scholarly research in the aspects related to Kurdish studies. Kurdology Centre's broad interdisciplinary approach thus encompasses various fields including Politics and IR, Anfal & Genocide Studies, History, Geography & Geopolitics, Sociology, Language and Literature, Law, as well as Arts & Culture.

Another mission of Kurdology Centre is to collect, organize, preserve and make accessible archival materials about the Kurds and Kurdistan. Aiming to develop further collaboration and encourage joint research initiatives, we at Kurdology Centre have built international and regional cooperation and partnership with scholars and academics working on the diverse fields of Kurdish Studies.

Kurdology Centre is also active in organizing regular seminar series, workshops and international conferences to bring local and international experts and diverse perspectives to the Kurdish community and beyond.

The Centre also publishes a peer-reviewed academic journal Kurdology, which is a multi-disciplinary publication dedicated to the scholarly study of all aspects of Kurdish Studies. Kurdology seeks to place Kurds and Kurdistan as its central focus of academic research and to encourage interdisciplinary studies in this regard. The Editor-in-Chief of the Journal Assistant Professor Dr. Aram Ali Mustafa and the Editorial Board is comprised of six peers who currently work for the Journal in various editorial positions. The Journal also has an international advisory board who assist the Journal in meeting high quality standards.